OutsourceBiz India Pvt. Ltd. is an end-to-end technology company, provided solutions for network services, software development and technical project management, making a mark by delivering premium consulting services through advanced technology solutions. It also managed computer and network operations for several companies in Texas, Atlanta, Michigan, Georgia of USA, Bermuda of UK and Jamaica with captive customers who outsourced their total PC and Network Operations to it. Our company provides innovative, efficient and scalable business process outsourcing solutions for such requirements as Data Entry for medical claims processing and administration and customized solutions in Software Development,OutsourceBiz India follows a very simple and straight management philosophy. Each employee understands every layer of work that is performed at OutsourceBiz India. Each Manager or Supervisor has to have total knowledge about the job function of each person he or she supervises. Also, every Manager is a hands-on working Manager. Methods used at OutsourceBiz India are all developed here – and everyone contributed to it. Every procedure or software developed is tried over and over again with input from every level – until the process is perfect. We are not happy with even greater than 99.5% data accuracy. It is not quite right until it is 100% right. Every employee is a TEAM MEMBER and CONTRIBUTES to the Company.


Today's Challenge

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Insurance industry today is the rising cost of processing paper:

Basic data entry processes are performed by high paid employees. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is still not widely used and can often create more problems than it solves. As new clients are added, employers are usually faced with a backlog of paperwork, forcing them to increase staffing and facility space. OutsourceBiz India provides innovative, efficient and scalable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions for medical claims processing and administration. Through the use of our global resources, we are able to perform back office functions for our clients at significant cost reduction while improving speed, accuracy & productivity. BOTTOM LINE : The current model for paper processing is neither cost effective nor scalable.

Focused and Future Services

Our Popular Services

HealthCare BPO

Today's world market prefers to reducing the use of paper. This is where OutsourceBiz India can help HealthCare data entry services with the 99% accuracy using Dual Entry SystemRead more

Contact Center Service

OutsourceBiz India Contact Center Solutions focusing on excellent Customer Support for its clients and understands your goals and has the expertise to meet themRead more

Website Design

We believe that websites are first impressions for any business. We help you differentiate among others digitally and visually and to meet the exact business requirements of the clients.Read more

Software Development

We develop customized software that you need with competitive prices and optimized projects. We follow a step-by-step process for development projects.Read more

Manpower Supply

If, you are planning for the manpower consultancy in Kolkata then we are ready to help you. we offer you variety of options that will be suitable for you.Read more

IT Solutions

We provide customized services and end-to-end solutions in the field of IT for your business. We are ready to serve you.Read more

Our Advantage

  • Fully staffed BPO Center with college-educated labor force in Kolkata, India. We currently have over 60 full-time employees processing over 6-7 lakhs documents per year.
  • BPO Center operates 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (closed on Sunday - except for special projects).
  • Efficiency and speed in data processing achieved through proven technological processes.
  • Niche focus on Insurance industry leading to proven track record of success.
  • Maximum accuracy (99.5%+)through our Dual Validation method.
  • Security and Confidentiality protocols to ensure protection of all sensitive client data.

Our Services

  • End-to-End Back Office Outsourcing Solution:
  • Scanned Image Receipt and sorting
  • Manual Dual Data Entry
  • Remote processing during standard and off-peak hours (Thin Client / Terminal Services / VPN access/ Citrix Server)
  • Our full service offering allows our clients to outsource non-core back-office functions, gaining:
  • 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Elimination of backlog
  • Reduction in processing costs and errors
  • Manageable per-document fees that are easy to plan and budget




Clients (Intl. & Domestic)


Paper Claim Entry/Month

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