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Organizations that can benefit from our services include:
GoGreen Third Party Administrators (TPA's)
GoGreen Self-insured Employers
GoGreen Hospitals
GoGreen Independent Physician Associations (IPA's)
GoGreen Managed Care Networks
GoGreen Accounting Firms – Data Entry
GoGreen Legal Firms – Research, Case Histories Entry
Service Benefits:
GoGreen Significant reductions in cost.
GoGreen 24-48 hour turnaround on claims/forms processing.
GoGreen Elimination of management related issues.
GoGreen Project completion according to required time limit.
GoGreen Increased accuracy.
GoGreen Greatly reduced cost while NOT sacrificing quality.
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Welcome to OutsourceBiz India Pvt. Ltd.
( Premier BPO and Software Company in India. )

Our Company started it's full flagged IT operation from 2001 and has undertaken mission critical projects and product development on different technology domains for global and Indian clients to their complete satisfaction.We are end-to-end technology experts focused on providing solutions for Software Development, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Web Development, Customized Software Application Development and other IT Services for your size company.
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OutsourceBiz provides strategic planning and consulting expertise to assist companies in developing a BPO solution that gains them immediate benefits, while creating a roadmap for how they will utilize BPO for long-term growth.

Claims Archival and Retrieval

Our clients typically process thousands of claims monthly, leading to the need for an efficient method of archiving these claims which is both cost effective and allows for easy access to the archived data.
To address this problem, we offer Archival and Retrieval services for our clients. Through this service, all claims processed by our BPO Center will be archived into a database. This database will store both the scanned image of the claim as well as the raw EDI data for the claim.
Clients can get access to their archived claims through a secure portal site. This site enables users to search for archived claims using key parameters such as Member ID, Provider Tax ID, and Dates of Service. Alternatively, clients may submit Claims Document Requests to our BPO Center for pulling back large volumes of claims.

Benefits of Archival

Clients using our Archival and Retrieval services experience benefits throughout their organization:

  • Reduction in storage space required for claims filing
  • Improved efficiency on audits and claims reporting
  • Improved access for Customer Service Representatives to claims through online portal site
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